2024/2025 Promotion and/or Tenure Cycle Specific Dates

March 4, 2024 Notice of Intent to Participate closes
By August 2024 Departmental P&T committee meetings should be held to allow time for reconsideration and appeal requests (if applicable)

September 13, 2024

Completed dossiers due to OFA from departments

October 24, 2024

SOM P&T committee review of dossiers

December 12, 2024

SOM P&T committee will hear reconsiderations (if applicable)

Mid-January, 2025 P&T dossiers due to the University
Late April/Early May, 2025

Faculty notified of University's decision

Mid-August, 2025

Approved promotion and/or tenure request go into effect

For more information about Promotion & Tenure please visit our Faculty Development page to view training videos & previously recorded presentations. 

  • Are you ready for promotion and/or tenure?

    There is not a time served requirement for promotion at Wayne State University.  If you are requesting tenure, you must be "on track" for at least 3 years, but less than 7. 

    Per the AAUP contract it is the faculty members right to request promotion and/or tenure (P&T).  BUT the Office of Faculty Affairs strongly encourages you to speak with your department chair and/or division chief before you begin the P&T process.  All P&T committees compare your activities with the SOM Factors,  please review the SOM factors for your rank.  Pay careful attention to the requirements for the rank to which you want to be promoted. 

  • Preparing your packet

    The promotion and tenure (P&T) process is labor intensive.  To achieve a successful application, you will need to put  significant time and commitment into creating your dossier.    

    The Office of Faculty Affairs will work with you to refine your CV, personal statement, and teaching portfolio before you turn them over to your departmental administrator.  You are also responsible for providing to your departmental administrator the University's Externally Funded Research form, any miscellaneous documentation (optional), , and a numbered list of publications forwarded (optional).   

  • Review Committees

    A successful FTE promotion and/or tenure (P&T) packet goes through up to 5 levels of review.

    1.  Departmental P&T Committee (if department has more than 3 tenured faculty members)

    2. Department Chair

    3. SOM P&T Committee

    4. SOM Dean

    5. University P&T Committee 

    A successful FTA promotion and/or tenure (P&T) packet goes through up to 4 levels of review.

    1.  Departmental P&T Committee (if department has more than 3 tenured faculty members)

    2. Department Chair

    3. SOM P&T Committee

    4. SOM Dean


  • How to appeal

    Below is the contractual language regarding appeals for promotion.  Faculty notified by their department of the lack of support from the chair or departmental committee are urged to contact the Dean for Faculty Affairs for a personal consultation.  

    Per the AAUP contract Article XXIII.D

    1. Notification

    A faculty member or academic-staff member shall receive, upon request, written notification from the chair/dean/director/vice president (as appropriate) if s/he is not being recommended for promotion.

    2. Initiation of Appeal Procedures

    a. Faculty

    According to length of full-time service in rank at Wayne State University as follows—instructor, lecturer, after three (3) years in rank; assistant professor, after five (5) years in rank; and associate professor, after eight (8) years in rank—faculty members may initiate the appeal procedures described in Sections D.3, D.4.a, and D.5 of this Article.

    3. Appeal of Faculty Department Decisions

    If neither the department committee nor the department chair (or administrator of equal function) recommends promotion, the candidate may, within fifteen (15) days after written notice of the decisions, request, in writing, a reconsideration of the decision by the department promotion committee and/or by the chair. The candidate may, at his/her option, appear before the committee.

    If on reconsideration the chair and/or the department promotion committee decide to recommend the candidate for promotion, then the chair shall notify the candidate of the decisions and shall forward the recommendations in the usual manner. But if after reconsideration the chair and the department promotion committee both reaffirm their negative recommendations, then the chair shall notify the candidate of the decision not to recommend promotion.

    In the event that neither the department committee nor the chair recommends promotion of a candidate, the candidate may, within fifteen (15) days after written notice of the decision, request the chair to forward to the dean/director of the School/College his/her application for promotion, which was submitted to the department, along with supporting documents. The candidate may forward, through the chair, whatever additional material s/he deems appropriate. The candidate may also designate two (2) tenured faculty members to appear before the School/College committee in his/her behalf.

    The dean and the School/College committee will consider the application in the normal manner.