Promotion and Tenure (P & T)

The promotion and, if applicable,  tenure process occurs on an annual cycle.  The Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) and departments work together to assist faculty in preparing a complete dossier representing the faculty's accomplishments. 

Meeting deadlines is a critical component in the P & T process. Departments must prepare and submit dossiers as an electronic document, in a bookmarked PDF format.  Incomplete files or files received after the deadline will be returned to the department without review by the SOM P&T Committee. 


Critical Components  

If you are thinking about requesting a promotion or the awarding of tenure, the critical components that contribute to your successful promotion process can be found below. 

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Your CV is the foundation of your promotion & tenure dossier.  It is a snapshot of your entire professional life. Following directions carefully and providing annotation as required will assist your reviewers in determining how well you have met the expectation for your track and rank. 

Personal Statement

Your Personal Statement gives life to you CV and dossier!  It can tell the story of your career choices, critical decision points in your past and your future direction.  While not required, it is highly recommended. 

Teaching Portfolio/Grid (if applicable)

Your Teaching Porfolio is a narrative that describes the cumulative "landscape" of your teaching, teaching activities and outcomes.  


For more information about Promotion & Tenure please visit our Faculty Development page to view training videos & previously recorded presentations.