Academic Staff

  • Are you ready for promotion and/or ESS?

    The WSU-AAUP contract mentions time in rank before promotion in two places. Except in “exceptional circumstances,” there “shall be a minimum of three (3) years at each level prior to eligibility for promotion to the next level” (Article XXIII.B.2).

    To obtain ESS (if eligible) you need to be on track for 5 years.  The University recommends that you begin the request process 8 months prior to your 5th year anniversary.

    Per the AAUP contract it is the academic members right to request promotion and/or tenure (P&T).  BUT the Office of Faculty Affairs strongly encourages you to speak with your direct report, chair and/or division head before you being the P&T process.  Your direct report, the department chair and Dean will compare your activities with the SOM Factors for Academic Staff.  Please review the SOM factors for the rank you are requesting consideration for to determine your chances for success.     

  • Preparing your packet

    The promotion and tenure (P&T) process is labor intensive.  To achieve a successful application, you will need to put  significant time and commitment into creating your dossier.  

    A professional record, a personal statement (optional, but highly recommended), a teaching portfolio (if applicable), and other miscellaneous information or publications you would like to highlight.   

  • Review Committees

    Requests for promotion in the SOM are reviewed at four levels:

    1. Department chair or department dean
    2. SOM academic staff promotion committee 
    3. SOM Dean  
    4. University P&T committee
  • How to appeal

    An academic staff member shall receive, upon request written notification f rom the chair/dean/director/vice president (as appropriate) if s/he is not being recommended for promotion.  (Article XXIII.D) 

    Academic staff members may initiate the appeal procedure according to length of full-time service in rank at WSU as graded in Article XII of the AAUP-AFT contract.  Length of service shall be three (3) years to appeal promotion denial to grade 2 or 3; five (5) years to appeal promotion denial to grade 4; and eight (8) years to appeal promotion denial to grade 5.

    In those units without academic staff promotion committees and where there is no recommendation for promotion, the candidate may, within fifteen (15) days after written notice of the decision, request reconsideration by the dean/vice president and any, at his/her option, met with the dean/vice president.  The candidate may bring a member of the academic staff holding tenure or employment security status with him/her.  If after reconsideration the dean/vice president reaffirms his/her negative recommendation, the candidate may, within fifteen (15) days, forward his/her application for promotion, along with supporting documents, to the President or his/her designee.