Faculty development

Speed Mentoring 

This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in; improving their CV or meeting face-to-face with mentors and senior faculty to discuss career advancement! 


Would you like to quickly find high-quality, peer-reviewed educational materials (cases, PowerPoint presentations, videos) that you can teach with right now? MedEdPORTAL is an open, free educational resource provided by the Association of American Medical Colleges and other academic partners.  For more information please visit the MedEdPORTAL

Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT)

The Office of Learning and Teaching's mission is to promote health and wellness by educating and developing a diverse body of students and faculty in an inclusive community where learning informs teaching.  For more information please visit the OLT website.

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)

The Association of American Medical Colleges offers varoius professional development opportunities.  To explore all of the options available please visit the AAMC website. 

The Office for Teaching & Learning (OTL)

The Office for Teaching and Learning (OTL) supports WSU instructors, departments, and schools/colleges in their goals for excellence in teaching and learning. The OTL provides a full complement of instructional development services and programs for instructors across the ranks and disciplines. For more information please the Office for Teaching & Learning