Voluntary Appointments

Voluntary Appointments (Clinical or Adjunct)

Voluntary faculty members are not employed by WSUSOM.  Like all WSUSOM faculty, they are an invaluable asset in achieving the School's mission of educating WSU medical students, trainees, and graduate students and supporting the University's substantial service requirements.  Voluntary faculty of the School of Medicine at Wayne State University provide classroom and small group medical student teaching and other services for around 50 hours per year.  Voluntary faculty are required to renew their appointments every two years. 

Clinical Faculty 

Voluntary faculty members who provide patient care are appointed as Clinical Instructor, Clinical Assistant, Clinical Associate or Clinical Professor. Prior to completion of their board requirements, clinical voluntary faculty appointments are made at the rank of instructor. Once documentation of board certification has been provided to OFAPD, the faculty member can request a change in rank to Clinical Assistant Professor.  All other changes in faculty rank requires a review through the annual WSUSOM voluntary faculty promotion process.   

Adjunct Faculty 

Non-clinical voluntary faculty appointments may also be recommended by either the WSUSOM department, or where appropriate, a SOM affiliate.  Successful candidates are appointed as Adjunct Instructor, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Adjunct Associate Professor or Adjunct Professor. 

Voluntary Faculty Application Submission
If you are interested in having a Voluntary Faculty Appointment at Wayne State University School of Medicine please click here to go to our Voluntary Faculty Application Submission Process


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