Sabbatical Leaves

Sabbatical leaves of absence may be granted to tenured or tenure-track members of the faculty for the purpose of encouraging scholarly and professional achievement for the mutual benefit of the University and the grantee. Faculty wishing to apply for Sabbatical Leave should review and complete the most recent documents on the Provost Office website and may obtain further information from Article XIII of the AAUP-AFT contract.

The sabbatical request requires appropriate evaluations from the chair/unit director and department's tenure committee, when a tenure committee exists. Per the AAUP contract requests for sabbatical leave must be submitted to the unit/department no later than November 15 in the academic year preceding the requested sabbatical. If approved by the chair/unit director and the department tenure committee, requests are submitted to the Office of Faculty Affairs by the Monday following Thanksgiving break. If approved by the Dean, the application will be submitted to the University for final review. Note, that if an application is not recommended at the level of the unit or school, the application cannot be submitted for University Committee review. The applicant will be notified of the status of their request, byt the Office of the Provost.  Faculty and chair/director will be notified of the status of the application prior to the deadline for submitting applications to the Provost's Office, typically early to mid-December. The Office of the Provost advises that sabbatical leave requests received by them after the University Committee has met will not be reviewed.

Things to remember:

  • Sabbatical leaves cannot begin prior to the first day of the university academic year and must be completed within the academic year
  • Exact dates must be specified on the application
  • Requests to make any changes to the dates must be approved in writing by the Office of the Provost
  • Leaves may be either 4.5 months (100% salary support) or 9.0 months (60% salary support)

To request a change in any approved leave, please submit the appropriate request form.

Academic Staff Professional Development Released Time

Article XIII section B.3 describes an opportunity for up to 15 days of release time for an appropriate project for professional development of academic staff members. Dates for submission follow the same calendar as for sabbatical leaves