Selective Salary Academic Staff

Participation in the Selective Salary for Academic staff consists of a brief statement from the department salary committee, an updated Professional Record/CV and Activity Summary highlighting key contributions for the last three (3) years and summary of current activities with expected results.

Important Documents 

AAUP Checklist 

Professional Record 

University Selective Salary Documents

Academic Staff Factors

Annual Report Documentation  

Each academic-staff member’s annual report should consist of (a) an updated professional record;(b) a summary of the last three (3) years of the academic-staff member’s activities; and (c) a presentation of current activities, and what results are expected from these activities. All academic- staff members are required to submit an annual report and to participate in this process. Failure to participate in the annual process shall result in no selective-salary increase. Failure to participate in the annual review process two (2) times or more in any five (5)-year period shall also result in the forfeiture of any across-the-board raise.