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The revised Annotated Bibliography of Journals for Educational Scholarship is now available. 

Coordinated by the NEGEA in collaboration with members of the CGEA, SGEA, and WGEA, this bibliography (revised March, 2016) provides a comprehensive list of medical education scholarship resources. Special thanks to the Librarian Coordinators, Pamela Herring (University of Central Florida) and Judy Spak (Yale University), their time and hard work made this update possible.

Wayne State University School of Medicine Online Faculty Toolkit!

Created by former Academic Affairs Dean Robert R. Frank, this program was designed to help faculty become more effective teachers. The toolkit is user friendly and easy to navigate with lots of helpful links. We hope you will use it as a "one-stop shopping site" as you prepare your teaching activities.

Medical Education Support Group

The Medical Education Support Group promotes excellence in medical education by offering a one-stop support center assisting faculty and students with the development and use of computer-based instructional technology.

Wayne State University Office for Teaching & Learning

The OTL offers a variety of services and programs that cover the full career span for instructors. They facilitate workshops and events on issues related to teaching, technology, course design, and assessment.  Custom sessions are also available to meet specific needs.

Stanford Medical Teaching Program

The Stanford Faculty Development Program in Medical Teaching is a longstanding nationally-recognized teaching improvement effort. Since 2007, the School of Medicine has invited teaching faculty members to participate in this intensive small-group faculty development program to help faculty enhance versatility in teaching, better analyze and improve teaching encounters, and engage in collegial discussions about approaches to teaching. Over 100 SOM faculty have participated. The course is held on the WSU SOM campus and is facilitated by an instructor who has been trained at the Stanford Faculty Development Center.

The SOM typically offers the Stanford Faculty Development Program in Medical Teaching during Fall/Winter. A call for applications is issued annually in the summer.