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Teaching Portfolio Policiy


Article XXIX.B. of the WSU/AAUP-AFT Agreement requires that each school or college develop a policy for the creation of Teaching Portfolios for faculty. The School of Medicine will use the Teaching Portfolio for promotion and tenure and other personnel decisions. This policy should accurately and adequately reflect the nature of teaching in the School of Medicine.

Each faculty member will develop a Teaching Portfolio that provides a record of teaching activity, evidence of teaching competency, and special teaching achievements. The Teaching Portfolio for the promotion and tenure process should reflect the teaching activity for the period of time since the faculty member’s appointment or last promotion.

The Teaching Portfolio is utilized by the School of Medicine for the purposes of evaluating and counseling the faculty member. Although the Portfolio will be used by the committees evaluating faculty performance for promotion and tenure considerations, its contents are confidential and cannot be disclosed to any outside party without the permission of the faculty member.

Format for Teaching Portfolio

The Teaching Portfolio should contain enough detail to allow evaluation of teaching and yet be concise and selective. It should be no more than 20 pages in length and should include the following (see following information for specific guidelines):

What you do:

1. a narrative statement describing your roles and responsibilities in teaching, including a description of your involvement in curricular development and administration.
2. a table (“grid”) summarizing your teaching activities

How well you do it:

3. a summary of evaluations of your teaching (on the “grid”), followed on the next page by representative evaluative comments.
4. (optional) a discussion of the significance of the evaluation data
5. (optional) additional information.

A description of each of these sections follows:

A narrative statement that helps readers at the Department, School, and University levels understand your teaching. Introduce and explain your teaching responsibilities and roles (the "landscape" of your teaching). Describe the scope of your teaching, including the settings in which you teach and the activities you carry out, such as course direction, delivery of lectures, mentoring, precepting, and advising. If applicable, please describe in narrative form your activities in curriculum development and administration of teaching, such as:

  • Course/curriculum development and instructional design/development
  • Departmental or school educational administration
  • Educational committees or task forces (local, regional, national/international)

A table (“quantitative grid”) summarizing each of your teaching activities in enough detail to determine your teaching load. Please group your activities according to effort, from most to least. Consider the following categories:

  • Lectures
  • Small-group interactive instruction
  • Clinical bedside instruction
  • Clinical procedure instruction
  • Clinical ambulatory instruction
  • Laboratory precepting
  • Online instruction
  • Mentoring/advising (Indicate number of mentees and time commitment for each: medical students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, others)
  • Essays/Theses/Dissertations directed (List students by name, level, title of project)
  • Visiting Professor/Lecturer (e.g., invited short courses or lectures plus interactions with students/trainees)
  • Other

Type of Teaching Activity and
Type of Learner(s)
Your Role Total # of contact hours this year Total # of hours in preparation this year Total # of learners Evaluation:
Mean, SD (if appropriate and available), scoring scale; other evaluative/outcome data


Include summary evaluation data or outcome data in the last column of the grid. Provide representative comments from learner evaluations following the grid, identifying the associated teaching activity.If you wish, please feel free to discuss the significance of the evaluation data presented. You may wish to include written evaluations of teaching from individuals familiar with your teaching performance.

Please describe awards and any other recognition of your excellence in teaching and include copies of supportive letters and teaching awards, if desired.