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FTE (Payroll) and FTA (Full-Time Affiliate) Faculty Promotion and FTE Tenure

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"An academic institution's faculty is its greatest asset.  Thus, the recruitment and preparation of the next generation of first-rate faculty ought to be of great concern to all who are invested in medicine." - J. Bickel & A.J Brown, Academic Medicine 80:205, 2005

At Wayne State University School of Medicine the promotion of payroll (FTE) and full time affiliate (FTA) faculty from Assistant to Associate Professor or Associate Professor to Professor is an important developmental milestone in the academic career process. For the Research Educator faculty member, attainment of tenure is another critical milestone.  The Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development (OFAPD) provides support for faculty and their departmental staff to assist them during the annual process of requesting promotion and or tenure. We hope that the following questions will allow faculty (and administrators) an opportunity to obtain information about the process. Located at the bottom of this series of questions and answers are links to important websites that include videos of prior OFAPD presentations on the topic of P & T as well as a calendar of this year's presentations.


When should I consider requesting Promotion and/or Tenure?

A faculty member's decision about when to seek a promotion is a very individual decision.  The Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) strongly recommends that a faculty member considering promotion and/or tenure seek the advice of his/her Chair, Division Chief (where applicable), mentors, and other SOM faculty members.  OFA provides sessions that assist faculty in evaluating when and how to seek promotion.  Prior sessions are recorded and available (see Professional Development). Upcoming sessions are also available on the Calendar of Professional Development Events (scroll down through the options). Ultimately, it is the decision of the faculty member as to when he/she chooses to be considered for promotion. As required by the contract for FTE faculty, a FTE faculty member has the right to request consideration for promotion (no time limit) and/or tenure (after more than 3 years of tenure-track service at WSU)*. There is no set time for FTA faculty.

*Adjusted if tenure-track service prior to the WSU appointment. 


What criteria will the various review groups utilize to assess my progress?

The School of Medicine Promotion and Tenure Factors for Faculty ("SOM Factors"), is the standard at the SOM for assessing faculty progress.  The SOM Factors are revised no more frequently than annually.  These "Factors" are drafted by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate (EC) and approved by the Dean. After their approval, they take effect for the next year's cycle of reviews (P&T and Selective Salary). For example, Factors approved in 2016 will be utilized for the 2017-2018 P&T process and the 2017 Selective Salary program. At each level of review (department, external reviewers, SOM and University) faculty accomplishments are compared to these Factors.   Reviewing the "Factors" criteria for the track and rank you seek is another important starting point in making a decision about when to consider requesting promotion, tenure or promotion and tenure.


What's needed from the faculty member for FTE/FTA Promotion and/or FTE Tenure at WSU SOM?

At WSU SOM the components of the promotion and/or tenure dossier for both FTA and FTE faculty include a WSU SOM formatted CV, a 3-5 page personal statement, a teaching portfolio (20 page limit; includes narrative summary, teaching grids, quantitative reviews of teaching).  A minimum of FOUR "arm's-length" external letters requested by the Unit/department are also REQUIRED.  The department's Chair and Promotion and Tenure Committee review all of the submitted materials and independently provide or withhold their support.  All of the documents, including the two** letters from the department are submitted to the OFA and later reviewed by the SOM P & T Committee (which is the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate) and then by the Dean.  FTE candidates for promotion who are approved at the School are then reviewed by the University's P & T Committee.  Typically the SOM has three representatives on the University P & T Committee.  FTA faculty promotions are approved at the School.  Decisions for FTE and FTA faculty promotions are announced in the spring. Promotions take effect in August, a year or more after the department's deadlines for your submission.  In addition to the requirements for FTE faculty, FTA faculty must also seek the support of their Affiliate.  For FTA faculty, OFA will send your intent to be considered for promotion to both your affiliate organization and the WSU Department. The WSU department will use a different coversheet for FTA promotions than FTE promotions. For further information, scroll down this page.

** Some departments, those with less than 3 tenured faculty members, do not have a P & T committee


How can I begin the process of Promotion and/or Tenure?

The Selective Salary (FTE faculty) and Annual Review (term-appointed FTE and all FTA faculty) processes are excellent starting points for conversations with your department leadership. In addition to discussing your plans with mentors and colleagues, the Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) offers sessions in the first quarter of every year as well as individual meetings.  Videos of prior sessions and handouts from these sessions are also available from the OFA website.  In addition, the OFA requires that all FTE/FTA faculty requesting consideration for promotion and/or tenure submit their intention "in writing" by submitting an online Promotion and Tenure Request for Consideration form plus a copy of your CV and a first draft of your personal statement. University policy prevents us from requiring a personal statement BUT it's an incredibly powerful opportunity to paint a self-portrait for the SOM and University committees and make your dossier standout from all of the other candidates.


Why is the deadline for submitting your CV and personal statement for P & T consideration so early in the year when the department has months before they are required to submit my dossier? 

First and foremost, a successful P & T process requires a great deal of faculty time and attention.  One of the most critical elements is the external letters of support that the departments will begin to request in late spring and early summer.  Sending a poorly formatted, disorganized CV with spelling or typographical errors or missing important annotation to a senior faculty member who does not know you does not present you or your dossier in the best light.  You've worked hard for your accomplishments.  We at OFA want to work hard with you to make sure that your documents frame your accomplishments the way they should!  The personal statement also takes time and getting insight from others will assist you in this process.  Only a first draft of the personal statement is required initially to be considered for promotion and/or tenure.


How can I get started?

The program announcement goes over the process. Read it carefully, review and revise your CV. Submit your materials (including the form indicating your intent to be reviewed for P & T on 2017-18) as early as possible. Annually, faculty who are considering promotion submit CVs for review as they complete their preparation for Selective Salary or Annual Review.  Respect the deadline. Once you've sent in your request to be considered, your CV, personal statement and 1-2 external reviewer names, begin work on your teaching portfolio. 


How should I choose external reviewers?

Choosing 1-2 external reviewers is optional.  Your department is responsible for presenting you with a list of 10-12 or more reviewers (experts in your field) that they have selected.  You may remove 1-2 names only from their list of proposed reviewers (typically because of conflicts).  Choosing reviewers that are not "arm's-length" COULD get your dossier sidelined either at the SOM or the University level.  The University requires a MINIMUM of 4 UNIT-selected external reviewers or they need not consider your dossier.  So do point out if any of your deparment's selections are friends, mentors, former colleagues or are otherwise not arm's length.


What should you do if you decide, after submitting a request for consideration for P & T, that you don't want to go up for promotion and/or tenure this year? 

Submit the removal from consideration form if you wish to withdraw from the process.  If OFA doesn't receive official notice of your withdrawal, your completed dossier will be sent forward.  PLEASE don't assume that we will know your dossier wasn't really "complete" or that you changed your mind.


What happens if the department or the SOM P&T committee does not support a candidate for promotion and/or tenure?

You should expect to receive written notice.  Please contact the OFA immediately if you are told or receive written notice that your request has been denied.  OFA will assist you in determining your next steps.  Requests for reconsideration and in some cases appeals are possible.  If you are an FTE faculty submitting a P & T dossier, please also keep open the late afternoon of the second Thursday in December as the FTE SOM reconsideration is held that day.  FTA reconsiderations if needed will be held during the following new year.


The 2017-2018 P&T process will beging in early 2017.  P&T dossiers for FTE and FTA faculty must be submitted to the Office of Faculty Affairs by September 6, 2017.   Departments must prepare and submit dossiers as an electronic document, in a bookmarked PDF format.  Incomplete files or files received after the deadline will be returned to the department without review by the SOM P&T Committee.  Specific instructions and the documents required by the SOM are detailed in the WSU SOM P&T Program Guidelines.


SOM Promotion and Tenure Factors for Faculty


Use the following link for information on Voluntary Faculty Promotions


2017 - 2018 P&T Cycle

January 2017

2017-2018 P&T FTE/FTA Cycle Announced

January 11, 2017

P&T 101: Overview and Preparation Tips from 2 - 3 pm in Margherio (click here to register)

January 17, 2017 2016-17 Cycle P&T dossiers forwarded to the Provost Office 
January 19, 2017 P&T 101: Creating an Effective CV from 11 - noon in Margherio (click here to register)
January 31, 2017 P&T 101: Personal Statement from 8 - 9 am in Margherio (click here to register)

March 14, 2017

Request for consideration with accompanying documentation due to OFA

April 4 , 2017 P&T 101: Documenting your Teaching from 11 - noon in Margherio (click here to register)
May 2017 Provost announces successful candidates from 2016-17 cycle

June 2017

Draft of Teaching Grids due to OFA

June 2017 SOM recognition ceremony for all successful candidates from 2016-17 cycle
June 30, 2017 P&T Preparation Forms due to OFA from Departments

June – August 2017

External evaluator letters obtained, Departments set internal deadlines for documentation submissions

August 17, 2017 2016-17 Cycle FTE & FTA promotion and tenure effective
Before submission of final P&T dossier Send OFA signed Grant Verification form 

September 6, 2017

Completed FTE & FTA dossiers due to OFA

October 26, 2017

SOM P&T Committee reviews FTE dossiers

December 14, 2017

FTE reconsideration request(s) go before SOM P&T Committee

January 2018

FTE P&T packets due to Provost

January – March 2018

SOM P&T Committee reviews FTA dossiers

May 2018

Provost announces successful candidates

June 2018

SOM recognition ceremony for all successful candidates

August 17, 2018

FTE & FTA promotion and tenure effective


Forms and Templates (FTE/FTA Only)

(F)=forms for Faculty
(A)=forms for Adminstrators
(C)=forms for Chairs

Please use the the Provost Office website to access the following form:

  • For Faculty Only: Externally Funded Research Form (Departments are not to use the university's forms for coversheets or the template for letters to external evaluators) 


Promotion and Tenure 101 session Materials

Overview and Dossier Preparation Tips workshop (2016)

This presentation provides an overview of the faculty Promotion and Tenure process from the department through university levels. We will review the components of a P&T dossier and recommend strategies to present effective materials for review. Faculty as well as administrators are invited to attend.

Speakers: Dr. Virginia Delaney-Black, Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development, and Dr. Linda Roth, Assistant Dean (Emeritus) for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development.

Presentation video

Presentation slides


Preparing an Effective CV workshop (Includes Impact Factors and Citations) (2017)

The CV is a snapshot of the individual's entire professional life and therefore should accurately reflect all major activities relevant to the profession throughout the individual's career. In this session, we will review both content and format of effective CVs.

Speakers: Dr. Virginia Delaney-Black, Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development, and Dr. Linda Roth, Assistant Dean (Emeritus) for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development.


Presentation Video

Presentation Slides



Personal Statement workshop (2016)

Your personal statement is a map or guide that helps the readers of your file understand you and see the connecting threads in your work, and understand your original contributions to the field. To receive advice about how to create a compelling and effective personal statement for Promotion and Tenure, please join us for this seminar.

Speakers: Dr. Linda Roth, Assistant Dean (Emeritus) for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development.

Presentation video

Presentation slides


Documenting your Teaching workshop (Includes Obtaining SET Scores) (2016)

Teaching is an essential component of faculty work, and documenting your teaching effectively is essential for the process of Promotion and Tenure and Annual Review, as well as for reflecting upon and improving your teaching. In this session, participants will review the requirements for documenting teaching, observe examples of how to document a variety of types of teaching, and have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss teaching documentation with the presenter and fellow participants.

Speakers: Dr. Linda Roth, Assistant Dean (Emeritus) for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development, and Charlene Brain,Senior Faculty Affairs Specialist.

Presentaton video

SET Scores video

Presentation slides

Other handouts: