School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Faculty Forms and Templates


Annual Review

         (AAUP-AFT Article XX.C)


FTE and FTA Processes

  • Full Time Equivalent (FTE)  (Appointments, Change in Assignment, Leaves, Renewals, Non-renewals and Retirement)

         (Payroll) forms and documents
  • Full Time Affiliate (FTA) [Affiliates & Administrators]  (Appointments, Change in Assignment, Renewals and Non-renewals)

          FTA forms and documents

Appointments Voluntary

         Voluntary Faculty [Affiliates & Administrators]
          Voluntary faculty forms and documents

Curriculum Vitae [All FTE/FTA & Voluntary above entry level]

         Instructions for Numbering and Reordering a Bibliography
         SOM CV Format-with improved instructions

CV Components for Entry Level Voluntary Faculty

        (Clinical/Adjunct Instructor & Clinical/Adjunct Assistant Professor)
        Required CV components for Entry Level

Consulting Report Forms [Administrators, Chairs & Faculty]

      Consulting Report Form for Faculty & Research Personnel -Attachment B
      Consulting Activity Request for Exception to Policy for Faculty & Research Personnel-Attachment A

PDF Format Instructions (Adobe Acrobat)

       Adding, Deleting, and Rotating pages

Selective Salary (AAUP-AFT Article XII.B.5)

     Information and instructions on Selective Salary