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National Career Development Opportunities


Taking Root in a Forest Clearing: A Resource Guide for Medical Faculty is a brief monograph addresses several key topics for young (and not-so-young) faculty: mentoring, negotiation skills, gender, and minority faculty. (Funded by the Kellogg Foundation)

Faculty Vitae is a Web-based publication of the Association of American Medical Colleges. Browse this page for numerous articles of interest to academic medical faculty members.

AAMC's Group on Women in Medicine and Science offers a rich array of faculty development resources oriented especially to women in academic medicine and sciences. In many cases, these are applicable to men, as well.

Guides to national professional development opportunities provided through the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty is a 248-page guide is a PDF document that may be downloaded for free in its entirety or, more manageably, by chapter. Making the Right Moves provides practical advice from experienced bio-medical investigators and other professionals. Topics cover the gamut of academic skills for faculty and fellows, from negotiating a faculty position and staffing a laboratory, to project management, understanding technology transfer, setting up collaborations, and getting funded.
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How-To Guides from the journal, Science
In these collections, writers and editorial and business staff from the journal Science offer practical advice on a variety of topics related to finding a job and building a career in the sciences.

Community-Campus Partnerships for Health Scholarship Toolkit
While this site is oriented toward community-engaged scholarship, all faculty can benefit from exercises in the toolkit related to creating and sustaining a career vision, working with mentors, writing a career statement, and creating a portfolio.