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Selective Salary Program (AAUP-AFT), Article XII


The deadline guaranteeing SOM CV entry into the new electronic selective salary system has passed!

If you would still like to send your CV to OFA, please send it directly to Dr. Delaney-Black @

Please note:  Sending your CV at this time does not guarantee that your CV will be entered in time for the 2018 Selective Salary process.

Interfolio Faculty180 comes to WSUSOM

WSU represented faculty are familiar with the annual contract requirement to provide an activity summary, teaching grid and an updated copy of their CV.  Annually, the almost 600 faculty supply information that is often available from other external (PubMed, Scopus) and internal (WSU's SPA, SETS cores and course teaching) sources to:

  • Update their CVs
  • Create an activity summary
  • Create a teaching grid

While much of that faculty-reported information is required for the SOM's LCME and even the university's accreditation process, utilizing that information has simply not been feasible because the information is supplied to the SOM as a PDF.  To reduce the annual burden of creating the required documents in the correct format and to allow the SOM to utilize the faculty's efforts to improve data collection for accreditation, departmental five year reviews and other university/SOM/department/center reports, the SOM is joining with Interfolio to provide an online process for faculty CV and annual activity reports/teaching grids. The Interfolio product that the SOM has chosen is Faculty180. 

Read more about Faculty180 at:

The SOM has included in this transition a ONE TIME opportunity to have the vendor input your CV into Interfoilo's online CV management site, but time is short. 

STEP 1:  Transitioning your CV into Interfolio's Faculty180 online process.

GET HELP!  CV's that don't use the SOM headers will be difficult if not impossible for the vendor to input correctly and may reduce your merit increases by not providing the salary committees with information about all you do.  Get help in making your CV ready for Faculty180 by attending one of the sessions scheduled to assist you in using the SOM CV headers. 

  • Friday, November 10th from 2 to 3 pm in Room 212 at Tolan Park
  • Monday, November 13th from 8:30 - 9:30 am in Board Room A/B at Children's Hospital
  • Monday, November 13th from 2:30 - 3:30 pm in Margherio at Mazurek Education Commons
  • Friday, November 17th from 3 to 4 pm in Margherio at Mazurek Education Commons
  • Monday, November 20th from 8 am to noon in Margherio at Mazurek Education Commons

Prefer to make revisions on your own or get started NOW, before a session with OFA staff? 

Find the correct SOM CV headers at:

We PROMISE, we won't make you re-order your CV or make any other formatting changes.

Please help us make the transition to a digital age as hassle-free as possible by attending a session or using the online information to utilize SOM headers for your CV! 

Examples of Common Errors

Please submit your CV to your departmental administrator, once it has been properly categorized.


Academic Staff

The participation in the annual Selective-Salary Review process is mandated by the AAUP-AFT contract. Its two-fold purpose is to identify and reward good performance, and to provide support and mentoring when the faculty or academic staff member falls short of expectations in research, teaching, and/or administrative/University service.

  • For Academic Staff, this consists of a brief statement from the department salary committee, an updated Professional Record/CV, an Activity Summary highlighting key contributions for the last three years, and summary of current activities with expected results.
Click on the link below for more program and scoring information, and forms from the School of Medicine:
SOM Selective Salary Program for Academic Staff

University Resources

Academic Staff:


**2018 Materials will be provided when released by the University.